Whitney Sewell Is Featured On Elevate

We had an amazing time having Whitney Sewell on the show and he brought a great show for Elevate Nation! Whitney is the founder of Lifebridge Capital, which is a company who works with real estate investors through syndication. He is also the host of the Real Estate Syndication Show, which has recently surpassed 300 episodes. Aside from his business and podcast, Whitney is passionate about adopting children in need. He and his wife have adopted 3 children and are currently starting a non profit organization to help families who are wanting to adopt, to get through the adoption process. Whitney also discusses how being in the military, along with other experiences, have helped him mold his mindset to elevate himself and his business. If you haven’t listened to this episode already, we highly recommend that you take some time to listen to all the knowledge Whitney brings to the table.

This episode with Whitney had a lot of key takeaways, starting with the importance of getting up early and having a structure to your morning routine. He also states the importance of having structure in your day as well. This is important to remember because having a purposeful structure in your day will allow you to maximize your productivity and have purposeful outcomes. Whitney also highlights the importance of saying no to things that are not related to your goals. He says that being able to say no to these distractions will allow you to stay laser focused on your goals. Finally, Whitney talks about having a mentor was one of the biggest and best investments that he has made in himself and his business. He stresses the importance of having a mentor to help elevate yourself to the next level. 

You can stay up to date with Whitney through social media, his podcast or by contacting him through his website:





There were also a few books mentioned through the show and a link to purchase them:

Holy Bible

Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book

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