John Hoagland Jr., CCIM Joins Us On Elevate!

It was a great honor having John Hoagland in with us for an interview, and it was great to hear all of his diverse insight into real estate as a whole. John has been in the real estate business for over 10 years and is a broker, as well as an investor. John started in single family rentals and says that he really enjoys the game of looking for off market properties to buy. During his journey in real estate, John realized that personal development is a key component of being successful in his career and in his life. He takes advantage of the information provided in books and podcasts, as well as other sources.

There was a ton of great information in this podcast and one of the main takeaways was to learn and teach as much as you can. Never quitting on the journey of education will allow you to keep reaching new heights and teaching is a good way to give back to those who have helped you along the way, as well as those who are following behind you. Along with continued education, John believes that it is important to reverse engineer the things you want to improve on, so that you can break down how to improve this aspect of your life and reach your ultimate goals. He believes that it is also very important to eat healthy, exercise daily, and to work while you’re at work. Finally, John believes that it is extremely important to give back to your community and that it is important to step out of your lane every once in awhile and serve others.

Along with talking a lot about personal development, John also gave a lot of good takeaways that are more real estate specific. John thinks, as many of us do, that you learn ten times more from your mistakes than from your successes. He also told our listeners that you should overly insure yourself and your properties, because you never know when a mistake could lead to a lawsuit. You want to make sure that you, your family, and your business is protected from these situations. John also reminds the listeners to take care of your tenants which will lead to long term success

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There were some books that were mentioned during the episode that you can purchase through the links below:

Rich Dad Poor Dad

The Power of Habit

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