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It was awesome having Bryan Flaherty on the show and he brought a lot of great knowledge to the table with him! Bryan is grew up in sports and translated his drive and work ethic into business. Bryan grew up learning about real estate and was exposed to the multifamily industry, but he originally started working within Wall Street investing. He said that this work was taxing on his body and his mind, as well as taking a toll on his family. After some time he realized that real estate investing was his calling and decided to pursue it. Now, Bryan works with the CBRE Central Midwest Multifamily Team! 

This was a great episode with a lot of great takeaways, starting off with learning to say no to things that do not align with your long term goals. Bryan talked a lot about how important it is to stay laser focused on your long term goals, and to make sure the actions you are taking to achieve those goals are well aligned. He says that you should “go 100 MPH at one thing.” Another takeaway Bryan discussed, is to center yourself before going to work and to define what you’re doing and working for. This is a great take away because this forces you to work for purposeful outcomes. Finally, Bryan talks about how important it is to have a coach and to build a strong team around you. He says that life is a team game and we couldn’t agree more!

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There were also a few books that were mentioned in this interview that we highly recommend, and you can purchase them through the links below:


The E myth

Robert Kiyosaki Series

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