Dylan Marma is featured on Elevate!

It was awesome having Dylan on the podcast with us and if you have already listened to the episode, you can clearly see that Dylan is a wealth of knowledge. If you haven’t listened to the show yet, what are you waiting for?? Listen here!

During the show Dylan discussed his journey into the real estate industry. After realizing in college that he was not achieving all the things that he thought he could, he moved himself across the country to San Diego where he began his real estate career. While there he quickly rose to a leadership position at a residential and commercial real estate investment company. At this company Dylan began learning how to evaluate markets and manage properties remotely. In 2018, Dylan joined the Rand Partners team to expand into additional markets throughout the South East. 

Throughout the show there was a recurring theme that was discussed; self education. Dylan talked about how he immersed himself in books and invested in his own learning when he entered the real estate realm. He believes that it is very important to take responsibility for your own personal growth, and he lives by this belief through different processes, such as his morning routine. Along with taking control of his personal and professional development, Dylan has also learned to protect his time and say no to things that may not be the best investment in himself or in his professional life. Currently, Dylan has begun learning from his role model, Ray Dalio, and describes that he is less in a goal oriented mode and more in a process oriented mode. He’s living in the present and focusing on his day-to-day processes. Dylan’s long term goals are to manage $1 billion in assets, as well as publish a book and begin speaking about all he has learned. He believes that it is very important that he give back by teaching people all the things he has learned in his self education and through his experiences.

This was an amazing episode and we highly recommend that if you have not already done so, go and listen now. There’s a lot of great information that will help elevate your personal and professional life!

You can contact Dylan through the Rand Partners website and you can keep up with him through social media:

Website: Rand Partners LLC




A book that was mentioned during this episode can be found through the link below:

Choose Yourself by James Altucher