Evan Holladay Joins Us On Elevate!

It was an awesome time having Evan Holladay on the podcast and he brought Elevate Nation a ton of knowledge that can benefit their businesses and lives! Evan is the host of the Monumental Podcast (iTunes Top 200 Podcasts) and is also a developer who has helped put up over 1,000 units of multifamily real estate. Evan was originally on the pre-med route in college but saw an opportunity while on campus that ultimately changed his life by helping him realize that he wants to dedicate his time to something that will make a positive change in his community. 

There are many big takeaways from this episode, including the importance of having a coach. Evan says that having a coach who is there to help him with his endeavours has been an absolute game changer for him. Evan also discussed the importance of sacrifices when it comes to your business and your future. He talks about how he sacrifices doing things like fun trips so that he can focus his time and money on investing and his future. Finally, Evan also talks about how helpful meditation can be in visualizing your goals and clearing your mind. This was an absolutely phenomenal episode with an extremely knowledgeable player in the real estate game.

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There were a couple of books that were mentioned in this episode and we highly recommend that you go check them out! Click the links below to find them now.

Think & Grow Rich

The 10x Rule 

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