Winning the Race

I'm well aware it may appear that I am toeing the line of the overly cliche and predictable with the writing of this blog post. However, I feel called to shamelessly touch on a topic that is front and center on the minds of Kentuckians and many Americans as we embark upon the 144th running of the Kentucky Derby: racing.


Known as the fastest two minutes in sports, the champion is immediately is cemented into the history books as a legend of the sport. Owners, partners, trainers, jockeys, and those lucky gamblers rejoice in the glory of financial success of association with the winning horse. The "Run for the Roses" kicks of the Triple Crown of Horse Racing and the winner is rewarded additionally with millions in prize purse. Let's not forget that it's host, Churchill Downs, rakes in hundreds of millions on the Derby alone - now that's an attractive real estate investment. But what creates a winner in horse racing may or may not correlate to what creates a winner in business, real estate and in life. 

In my opinion, the quickest to the finish line does not necessarily create a winner outside of horse racing. Many might even say to you, there is no finish line in business and in life - we should be constantly raising the bar to test our limits. Others may remind you to celebrate the wins you define for yourself and to recognize your own achievements along the way. Regardless, I believe there are two main ways to "win the race" in your life and business. 

#1 - Don't Compete, Create

I believe the best of the best realize that we're only racing against ourselves. I read recently that elite performers don't compete, they create. What does this mean? For entrepreneurs it may mean that they create products or services that are not offered in the marketplace. This allows them to create demand and perhaps a new market in which they don't need to differentiate on price or quality. They create demand through innovation and creativity (see what I did there?). High level professionals focus on re-creating themselves daily and sharpening their skills through personal development, experience, and research rather than studying the competition intensely. They are certainly aware of what would normally be considered their "competition" and deeply understand the market in which they operate, however, these individuals focus on creating what may not be readily apparent to others. 

#2 - Focus on Consistency

Consistency is the key to finishing, surpassing and rising to new heights. If you're not moving forward, you're moving backwards. Each day, the best of the best focus on what they can control to further their interests. They don't attempt to move a mountain in one day, but chip away at one component of an overall big idea or goal daily. Winners realize that moving .001% forward consistently on a daily basis compounds to a tremendous amount of progress over time. They focus on maintaining consistent energy and effort over the long term by going slow and steady.

What other components do you believe are vital ingredients to winning in real estate, business and life? I invite you to engage with this post in the comments below and to connect with me further. Let's win together!