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It was a great honor to spend time with Evan Holladay discussing "Investing in Real Estate and Yourself" on the Monumental Podcast. In this week's blog post, I am sharing content for you to listen to my ideas, instead of reading them. I'm a fan of switching things up from time to time, so hopefully this week's content adds value to your life and business in a different way. 

Listen to the episode  HERE

Listen to the episode HERE

Today’s guest is Tyler Chesser. Tyler has quickly become a good friend of mine over the past few months. He has taught me so much about real estate and self-development that I had to have him on the show.

Tyler is a Commercial Real Estate broker and Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Investments at Gant Hill & Associates and the President of Growth Real Estate, LLC. Starting out in real estate in 2013, Tyler has worked in all facets of real estate, and has quickly produced over $30 million in commercial real estate sales. He was recently recognized as a “Rising Star” Under 30 internationally in commercial real estate by CCIM Commercial Investment Real Estate (CIRE) magazine.

In today’s episode we cover how to get into real estate and not be a “success zombie”, how reading can take your success to the next level (keep in mind he’s on pace to read 52 books this year!), and how to invest in yourself and be more happy and aware every day.

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