All Things are NOT Equal

Equality: it is the demise of all people seeking success. UH OH. Good thing I am not running for elected office, right? Check your political correctness at the door. Good news, PC lovers, I am not talking about equality among human beings. Rest assured, I am not vying to be the potential third major candidate for President in 2016 with all this abrasive rhetoric. I ferociously believe everyone on God's green earth has the potential to achieve anything they set their mind to and take action on, no matter their background, ethnicity or gender.  All tasks, to-do's, or projects on the other hand, are NOT created equal.

I arrived to this valuable notion from a book I am reading called "The One Thing" by Gary Keller. The author writes "Anyone who lives by priority understands that some things are just more important than others. However, many people are fooled into thinking that everything has equal importance." I found this to be groundbreaking. How often do you make a lengthy to-do list and go through your day crossing off tasks from top to bottom? I am guilty. At the end of the day, what did I really progress towards in my business or life? Yep, I paid my electric bill, dropped off clothes at the dry cleaners, put away the dishes and scheduled Bruno's vet appointment. Wow - magically I am no closer to achieving anything of importance. Of course these tasks need to be eventually done, but they need to take a back seat to the big ticket priorities that will take me to the next step in life. It now makes sense to see why so many people do not progress to the next "level" in their lives or business; their entire is compiled of days, weeks, months and years without priority! Taking action towards high-priority items should be guided by our big goals.

Keller goes on to say that a to-do list should be transformed into a success list. Instead of to-do, turn that list into should-do, could-do, and must-do. Take all your must-do's and put them in order to which task is the most valuable towards getting closer to your goal. Focus on ONE THING at a time. Do not multi-task. Don't let the little things get in the way of where you want to be in life. I am taking this challenge to remind myself that to get where I want to be, not everything is of equal importance. Join me on this challenge.

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