Delayed Gratification

Today's topic is inspired by some of my mentors and people I admire in business and in life. One common trait that they all exhibit is the fact that they have the ability of delaying gratification in many different areas of their lives. Instead of seeking instant pleasure, they put in the work today to reach the satisfaction of their achievements tomorrow. This encompasses all areas of their lives: health, wealth, career, family, friendships, acquaintances and so on. Why is this simple notion so instrumental in their success?

Think about your health as an example. It is easy to recognize that constant pleasure seeking behavior can be detrimental to your health in the long term. Eating junk foods, skipping that workout, drinking that soda, (insert poor health behavior here) can all be instantly gratifying but in the long haul will add up to disastrous physical health. The successful people I know realize they must take care of their bodies for anything else in their life to materialize. They understand that their sacrifices in each small moment builds a healthy body and mind.

Take a look at wealthy individuals. Most have delayed financial gratification for many years to reach their wealth goals. They have invested time, energy and focus in their personal development through education, curiosity, passion and persistence. They voraciously read books. They attend seminars and conferences. They find and build relationships with other influential figures. They study and learn from people who have achieved what they hope to achieve. Once they achieve some form of reward from their growth, they recognize the job is not done. To achieve great wealth, they must become masters. They must invest their time and finances in instruments that create cash flow, appreciation, and many other benefits. They must take chances and realize that there will be successes and failures along the path - failures are only viewed as valuable learning opportunities. Many choose real estate investments as a means to this wealth building end (I personally believe this is the definition of financially delaying gratification). Many choose securities, bonds, debt, business ventures, or a combination of any or all of these towards their futures. Whatever their strategy, they are giving up today's rewards in intentions to reap greater rewards in the future.

How about people who have deep and rewarding family & friendship connections? These people undoubtedly have invested time and energy into these relationships as a means to show others that they genuinely care. The future relationships therefore grow more deeply as a result. Everyone benefits from the love, care and adoration that comes from the delayed gratification of these relationships.

This is not to say we cannot enjoy and live in the moment. There is a time and place to enjoy the fruits of your labor! We must step back and realize our life is all a compilation of present moments; it is essential to enjoy the gratification that we have due to our past work. If you are healthy, able to retain and take action on valuable information, have growing relationships and have a passion for a greater future, give thanks. This is all due to your past efforts and investments. Perhaps you are on your way to achieving these ends - give thanks for the process. I am making an effort to delay my own gratification, and at the same time enjoy where I am in my own journey.

Thanks for stopping by; see you next time.