Unfinished Business

No, you are not about to read a blog post about ghosts coming back to haunt you due to their "unfinished business." Please keep reading - I promise I haven't gone crazy! I am exploring this thought in a much more practical sense; the unfinished business that constantly haunts us in our business and personal lives. Do you ever feel like you have countless projects you are working on and there are ongoing or growing tasks or check-points to complete? I certainly do, and have found unfinished business can add ongoing stress to my life when I feel like projects drag on or are not totally buttoned up over time. Not to mention, new projects usually arise while others remain unfinished. 

I strive to look at most challenges with a positive attitude. This is not achieved without effort, as projects that sometimes take many months to complete can bring many negative thoughts or feelings. One way to view these challenges is to see them as a blessing that we have work to provide in our own personal lives. Without any ongoing or challenging projects, perhaps our future could seem bleak. Also, the most notable achievements in any field or in life seem to require the concentration and ongoing completion of many different levels. I began to think about this concept this weekend when I was simply power-washing and attempting to bring new life to my backyard deck. Power-washing itself was a process, but refinishing the wood would not be complete until it has dried, been coated once with sealer, dried again and covered with another coat of sealer. These steps are all necessary to preserving the deck for years to come. Each step takes time and effort.

This brought me to explore a practical example in my business. In any real estate acquisition, we must first locate a property that fits an investors' criteria. We must then analyze the deal for best and worst case scenarios for cash flow, equity, debt, tax implications and much more. Once we have determined a potential fit, we must begin the negotiation process which inevitably brings an entirely new set of challenges such as identifying potential overlapping interests, helping both parties achieve their transactional goals, and so on. The moment we achieve agreement in a deal, the due diligence begins - another time where new tasks and challenges are added to our list from inspections, financing, insurance, management and more. Only at the successful completion of due diligence can we then move to the next steps of officially acquiring the real estate, the challenges that present themselves therein, and obtaining the sought after benefits. Helping my clients realize and overcome all that is required to obtain these benefits is why I am in business.

I believe to make any significant progress in our lives, we must face multi-faceted challenges that are not necessarily solved immediately. The ability to withstand this ongoing pressure with continuing focus will separate success from failure. Do you agree? Send me your thoughts at tchesser@rpmre.com.