Expect the Rain

It is now officially one week from the start of spring time in the Ohio Valley; which means warmer weather, later sunsets and yes - the inevitable rain showers. While there are many benefits to rain, many of us fail to realize the positives that come with it. I have to admit that I subconsciously embody somewhat of a lethargic mood on those continual overcast, dreary days that we have been having over the past week. I have even read that in cities with highly rainy climates, statistically, people are more depressed. There's no doubt that weather plays a role in our mood. Sunny days seem to give us more energy and excitement to "get after it" or just to enjoy the day. Of course, rainy days should be expected, metaphorically speaking as well.

This metaphor can easily be applied to life in general for our personal and professional lives. In real estate, too, there are many "rainy days" where things go wrong for my clients. If we go into situations expecting to encounter some turbulence, I believe, we are more equipped to solve the problems and to relish in those "sunny days." I am a firm believer, too, that those sunny days are even better because of the tribulations that we overcome in those rainy days.

For my real estate practice, I counsel my clients that we will expect to encounter some less than ideal situations in their transaction. It is just a reality in which we need to be prepared. For example, we may find some difficulty in obtaining financing or the terms expected, or the bank has returned a lower than expected appraisal on their subject property. On real estate investments, we may encounter less than ideal tenant lease terms, or suspicious actual profit & loss figures. There are hundreds of scenarios that I could list here. The moral of the story is, there are always solutions to problems, and the satisfaction towards solving those problems make those "sunny days" that much better. At that point, we have earned all the benefits that the real estate transaction brings to their unique situation. This thinking can be endlessly applied to all areas of our lives.

I hope you find motivation towards facing those "rainy day" challenges and overcoming them with the "sunny day" end in mind.