Time is of the Essence

"Time is of the Essence." What a wonderful phrase. If you are in the real estate business or if you practice law, you very likely have learned the meaning behind this simple declaration. Google the phrase and you will see it is defined as "a term in the English and United States contract law that indicates that the parties to the agreement must perform by the time to which the parties have agreed if a delay with cause material harm." In other words, time is of the utmost importance when entering into an explicit agreement with another party whether it is to purchase or lease real property, or a wide variety of other business arrangements. If timelines are not met, agreements run the risk of falling apart. I would argue that this is the case with life in general, outside of business, as well.

So, what, you ask? Why am I raising this issue in my blog? The older I get, while I am still quite young, I am realizing how valuable of a commodity time has become to me. Frequently, I am amazed at how quickly days pass by while working on achieving my personal, professional, and my clients goals. In many areas of my life, time has become more valuable than money itself. I have found it is wise to delegate time-rich tasks to those who are more skilled at completing a certain item than myself. That way I can spend my time on more valuable and personally fulfilling things. Still, many days come and go without the realization that time has slipped ever so discreetly away. I want to spend my time in my life doing the things I love - helping my clients understand and achieve their real estate and wealth building investment goals, spending time with friends, family and my dog Bruno. 

I challenge you to look at your life and discover the activities that are draining your time away from living the life you want to live. Delegate, build a team of trusted advisors, contact a pro in whatever field you need professional help in. If one of those areas in your life happens to involve investment real estate, give me a call and let's see how I can make your time turn into valuable results. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and my website. Hope to see you again soon.