The Top 3 Books Anyone in Business Should Read Right Now

I am frequently asked about the books that I am reading, I believe, because all of us are inherently curious about exploring and further understanding the world we find ourselves in and the complexities it presents in our lives. This is precisely why I devour so much literature across so many spectrums. I am always thrilled to share things I have learned along the way and am working to apply in my life.

I was recently asked, by a new friend and innovative entrepreneur, to write about the “top three books that anyone in business should read right now.” You may be surprised at my resulting book topics that many would even not consider of the business genre! In fact, you would never find any of these three in the business section at your local bookstore or even our favorite corner of Amazon’s unending search engine. However, I believe the ideas and behaviors these illuminate ultimately impact the success in which you can expect to achieve in any industry, or in any area of your life for that matter.

Here are three of the top books I have read in 2018 that have had the most impact on my life and even in my business.

Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food by Catherine Shanahan, MD

Our bodies are the vehicle in which we are blessed to carry through our life’s purpose. We’re only given one, and I believe most of us are mis-informed on how to properly care for this complex and miracle-laden machine. When thinking of priorities, protecting the asset (ie. your body), and cultivating a healthy lifestyle should be #1 or very near the top of the list. Many of us are ignorant to the importance of nutrition in life and are not educated properly on what we really need to be eating and what extremely prevalent compounds we must be avoiding. Dr. Shanahan explains that the legacy and intricacies of deep nutrition, the pillars of a human diet, have been intuitively passed down and perfected by our ancestors for tens of thousands of years. Only recently have so many new compounds been introduced into the modern western diet, and it is crucial that we pay attention to their potentially insidious affects upon not only our life, but even our children and their children through what’s called “epigenetics.” Through this book I have been able to transform my diet and consumption habits, and I hope that with this foundation I am able to continue to offer my gifts to the world and impact it in a maxed out capacity. Highly recommended read for anyone and everyone!


The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success by Jeff Olson

I loved the simplicity yet profundity of this book. Ultimately, The Slight Edge, illustrates how our lives and destinies are shaped in the moment of each and every single decision. Each day, mostly, our decision making begins at the moment the alarm clock rings. What’s easy to do many times is to hit the snooze button. What’s also easy to do is to go ahead and get up and decline a snooze. Our decisions, across all areas of our lives, ultimately compound upon each other day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year to help us follow the path of success or failure. This illustration is a great reminder that the results of our lives are up to us in each and every moment of decision. Sometimes just realizing that our inner voice tells us that making a good decision is more difficult than it really is, makes all the difference in creating a lifetime of discipline and good choices.


Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation by Daniel J. Siegel, MD

This outstanding book discusses how integration between both sides of our brain, our heart, and relationships with others through empathy can help us achieve exponential personal transformation. I found it to be incredible with which the ability our brains have to grow and be resilient, no matter what challenges we have faced in our lives. We may not realize it, but much of our behavior stems from how we were raised as children, or what hyper emotional events have occurred at various times in our lives. Once we have a higher level of awareness of these factors, we have the ability of taking a more controlled direction of our life through through integration.


I hope you enjoyed my brief recap and invite you to dive into these books and follow your curiosity to learning more about what you inherently know is important. Please give me a feel for how these impact your life and always feel comfortable sharing any of your recommendations with me. It’s a pleasure being on this journey with all of you and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Cheers, Tyler