Profit or Loss?

“Prosper Louisville”

A Movement for those that want more from our community

“Profit or Loss?”

…It’s a question our entire city should be asking ourselves right now.

This week is paramount in the beginning of a series of events that could either make of break the future of the city of Louisville and the lives of our fellow citizens. Tonight, the domino starts to fall as public meets to discuss a proposal for Top Golf to redevelop the old Sears location at Oxmoor center. With a premier entertainment destination in a redevelopment of an obsolete big box retail property, the 21st century has graciously opened it’s arms to invite our city to join the party. The series of events continues in the near future as our city leaders consider “One Park” redevelopment of Lexington and Grinstead, one of the most iconic Louisville parcels. From there, a grassroots movement to bring the NBA to Louisville is grasping for steam, the bid for an eventual MLS franchise is on the fringe, and many other opportunities are within our grasp. But we must choose to own these opportunities and consider the downside of staying silent.

We have a choice tonight and over the next few months in this city:

1. Overcome fear, embrace faith and support a bold vision for the future which includes prosperity, opportunity, and expansion for the lives of all in our community.


2. Succumb to fear and oppose any such change and improvement to our community that may not appear to be a mirror to our past.

Those in camp #2 may pay an heightened focus on potential downsides of growth, and believe that unremitting miscalculation that growth brings along negative consequences. It’s a quite frequent criticism that new development such as these proposals bring fears of increased traffic, decreased access, increased noise and even crime.

I would argue, without having the gusto to move forward with progress and prosperity, we’re opening ourselves and our community’s future up for decay, decline and blight.

You either grow or you decline, there is no stagnation, even what may be fantasized by the most average minds - in life this is true as well as in economic growth. Many neighborhoods, including a handful in Louisville are over run by graffiti, gang activity, homelessness, drug use, and many other undesirable activities due to economic decline. I could mention several locations in our city that have experienced these undesirable transgressions over the years due to decline in opportunity and dis-investment.

Our world is changing and we must be prepared to adapt before it’s too late. I am asking my friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens - let’s be bold and OWN the growth our city and allow our people to prosper and live the life they can live through increased opportunity and limitless potential. OWN the prosperity of your family’s future. Tonight, October 1st at 6:30 pm, please show up and speak up at the Top Golf hearing at UofL Shelby Campus. Let’s set the dominoes in the right direction as tonight may prove to be much more significant than having the ability of swinging a golf club. This is a signal to others that our city is ready to become what it is destined to be.

OWN LOUISVILLE’S GROWTH. MAKE IT HAPPEN - Top Golf, One Park, NBA to Louisville, Legalize Gambling - let’s allow the list to expand. We’re facing a tipping point in the community right now and we’re called to step up. We have a choice to either expand, share opportunities, or remain small minded and face mediocrity or worse, decline. Choose prosperity over fear and join me in the future which will be beyond our imaginations better than our past!

Join the movement by using the hashtag #ProsperLouisville!