Never Give Up

I've learned that the most successful people are those who never give up on their goals. I remember reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, where he studied and analyzed the lives of many of the most transcendent super world-changing individuals & industry titans. One example included Henry Ford, who essentially created the auto industry and revolutionized the way business is conducted on many levels from the 40 hour workweek/8 hour workday for employees to creating and marketing a consumer driven product on a large scale. Henry Ford, like most of the other individuals studied, had a dream in mind, a plan to achieve it, faith that it could be achieved and the specialized knowledge to execute it.

While a number essential traits were observed of these world-changing catalysts, persistence was the trait that ensured the extraordinary results were achieved. This notion became a very powerful finding for me - it helped me realize that if I wanted to do anything special, I would have to overcome many obstacles and be persistent towards getting the job done. It occurred to me that most people in this world have a minimal amount of persistence. Perhaps they have not become aware of the results that they have just left on the table by giving up too soon. Maybe they do not have the real desire to reach their goal. Whatever the cause, it is a reality. 

Every day we face challenges professionally and personally. Take a minute to look in the mirror and decide if you are meeting roadblocks with persistence or with resistance and avoidance. I am challenging myself to make sure I live a life filled with persistence so my clients achieve their goals and my real estate practice continues to grow. I challenge myself to overcome obstacles personally as well to make sure I am living the life I want to live and not the life that is simply given to me. Growing pains may not be pleasant, and unexpected challenges are not usually fun, but by overcoming them we can do something special and live a life to be proud of. Join me in this challenge and let's see where we go together.