Mindset of Abundance

In life, there are many variables at play. Some days things go our way and others couldn't be more opposite. This is the case in so many areas of our life, whether it be with family, friends, political affairs, investments or our professional lives. I believe that facing this unequivocal and certain adversity, we must adapt a mindset of abundance. I argue that adopting this mindset is essential to continued success and living a rewarding life.

In many ways, attitude is everything. In my career, I only get paid when I create results. In my life, I only am rewarded when I add value to others whether it be through friendship, service or attention and care. I wouldn't have it any other way and, thus, I have no choice but to have a mindset of abundance. This genuine mindset, in my opinion, creates an aura and energy that attracts more results or more rewards. However, I frequently observe the opposite - a mindset of scarcity - that some embody. The mindset of scarcity includes fear, nervousness, and negativity, among other attributes. I argue that this mindset breeds exactly the results of which these thoughts bring. After all, Buddha said "The mind is everything -  what you think, you become."

I bring this topic to light due to a meeting I had yesterday with a client whom I am honored to align myself with. This person has truly created a life to be proud of through a mindset of abundance. While creating a life that many others would think impossible, through nearly exclusive real estate investment, he has withstood many adverse conditions over the years with a rock-solid mindset. He mentioned to me that there are guaranteed to be, and have been, many naysayers. There will be those who say the negatives are unavoidable and a final detriment to any goal or plan. I am convinced that mindset of abundance, and a clear eyed attitude is the key to living the life you want to live. Don't chain yourself to the mediocrity of what others tell you is possible.

What can we do to live with a mindset of abundance to achieve the life we want to live? Personally, I hold a lucky $100 bill in my wallet at all times. It reminds me that at any time, I am not desperate to make any deal and that I am always in a position of strength. This simple reminder has proven to be very powerful in my life. I would love to hear your thoughts on how we can grow in this area together.