Embrace Yourself

In a world filled with distractions, digital and personal, it is not hard to lose track of yourself and what it is you want to achieve or who you want to become. As a Realtor, I see it every day. I meet with clients who tell me they want X property for Y reasons, but couldn't tell me exactly what is really important to them about achieving those Y reasons. Many times, the surface motivations are far from the real motivation that really helps people grow into the life they actually want. A way that I separate myself as a consultant, rather than a traditional agent, is to ask leading questions and help my clients discover their real motivations. "Why is 'Y' important to you?" - This typically is a very valuable question that helps us all get on the same page and to align motives and goals. I use this as a means to make sure that the acquisition or even a sale helps them get what uniquely enhances their lives. For example, real estate investors typically communicate that they are looking for financial freedom, cash flow, or to plan for retirement. Owner occupy buyers and sellers are typically communicating on the surface that they seek a location and specific property features to situate their lives or their business. What we sometimes find, however, is that the underlying motives of helping their children have a secure future or protecting their aging parents in an uncertain retirement future are the real motives for achieving a successful real estate transaction. These are only a couple of examples in the myriad of motives, as you may imagine. The power in identifying these motives is essential and indeed powerful. This is how our practice takes client needs and moves them to the absolute forefront in achieving their unique success.

Everyone's motives in life are different. Embrace what makes you tick and what gets you out of bed in the morning. Be your unique one-in-seven-billion self. That's what makes you, well, you.