The Importance of Financial Intelligence

Financial intelligence. Typing it almost seems like a foreign phrase in this land of the “free” and home of the brave. In my opinion, you can only be free if you have true financial intelligence, which leads to real independence and freedom.

But why all the talk about money, Tyler? That’s not nice and it doesn’t feel good, you might think. Maybe you’re even thinking “You know, it’s not polite to talk about money in the presence of others don’t you, right?”

In reality, we live in a modern savannah, governed by man made laws, commodities, corporations and technology. Survival of the fittest doesn’t necessarily require that we are the strongest, fastest or most physically fit to survive the challenges of today’s world.

Survival in today’s world requires financial sophistication.

But if you’re affiliated with me and the community we’re building, you know we’re more about thriving than surviving. To truly thrive in todays world, you’ve got to ascend beyond a basic comprehension of financial intelligence.

You’ve got to systematize your financial infrastructure. You’ve got to build a team to advise you where expertise is required. You’ve got to build a network that will allow you to access resources of wealth beyond what you may have ever imagined.

You’ve got to feed your mind and rip out the destructive weeds of doubt, fear and uncertainty.

It’s imperative that you set goals, build a budget, grow your income, expand your income streams and continue to grow each and every day. You must remind yourself why your goals are what they are, schedule them and hold yourself accountable and find someone else who will do the same for you.

But this truly isn’t enough. Surround yourself with those who are pushing with everything they have in their soul to build that life of their dreams. Let some of that magic impact your own life.

Invest in your knowledge of business, of real estate, of other financial instruments so you can put your money to work and let it grow into something that can support the quality of life you desire and beyond. Set goals beyond yourself and a way to build an impactful legacy and be defiantly committed to the outcome.

Ultimately, to get where you want to be financially (which will result in everything else), you must take a leap of faith. It’s all about risk and the appropriate evaluation and protection mechanics to employ.

When you find that deal, expect your mind to tell you it’s too good to be true. Expect those downsides to be maximized in your decision making faculty. Expect your mind to communicate, run and stay safe!

Listen to your advisors and read into the facts through due diligence to know when to appropriately when to decline those opportunities that are indeed too good to be true. Remember that sometimes the cost spent on this type of investigation is a cost of doing business and another notch on the belt of financial intelligence.

Expect challenges. Expect failure.

But once you continue to meet and overcome those inevitable tests, you will reach the other side. You will reach true freedom. True independence. Choice. Power. Only if you truly embody persistence and never stop getting up after getting knocked down.

You’ll experience the opportunity to create true fulfillment.

For me, real estate investing, real estate brokerage, building a business and coaching others along these paths are the vehicles which I create financial independence and fulfillment within my own life. You might have a similar or perhaps different path. Whatever it is, grab it and claim it and require it to submit to your desires.

Money is not the end game. It’s the means to an end to create the life of your dreams.

Now go and get it!

To your success,


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