Take the Stairs

Greetings and welcome back! I've missed you, and I am excited to discuss a seemingly obvious, yet valuable, discovery that I've recently made. To state my intention, my overall goal on this blog is to share my experience and perspective so you can draw your own conclusions and perhaps take direction from the things I am learning. I want to help you get better at what you're doing and live the life you are imagining, or perhaps one that you haven't imagined yet. Whether that's through real estate investments, brokerage, or personal development. Join me on this journey and let's take our lives to the next level.

Before I start, I have to mention recently I was in Las Vegas attending the 10X Growth Conference. The shift that occurred for me during those three days is something I cannot explain, but hope you experience it one day. I've been pondering a long list of topics I could share with you from this game changing experience, and I will be coming out with various posts on this over the next several weeks/months. If you'd like to discuss with me personally, reach out and we can set up a one-on-one meeting or call. Plus, I'd love to connect with you!

Anyway, onto today's topic. This morning, as I exited the gym after finishing my daily morning workout, I bumped into a girl whom I've observed has recently been attending sessions with one of the personal trainers at my gym. With admittedly entirely limited information, my perspective tells me that fitness is a new undertaking for her and something that has not been a consistent life choice. Nonetheless, I am always inspired by seeing people make changes and course correcting for the betterment of their life. After all, it's never too late to make that shift in your own life whether it's fitness, health, personal finance, career and personal development, relationships, mindfulness, or anything else. Back to the story: as I walked out of the gym she was exiting the elevator, we both said 'good morning' cordially with a smile and went on about our day. Then it dawned on me - she took an elevator to skip one flight of stairs on the way into her personal training session...am I the only person this is ironically bizarre to?!

This immediately sparked an internal dialogue within myself. How many things am I doing that are simply checking off the boxes to say it's been done? Am I changing myself internally or going through the motions? This caused me to realize many times in my life in which I have cut corners which inevitably spilled over into other parts of my life. In Charles Duhigg's book "The Power of Habit" he calls this concept 'keystone habits' which relates to the domino effect certain choices have on others. For example, when you exercise, notice that you generally eat healthier, have more confidence and naturally focus on putting in hard work in the other areas of your life and business. It's how we're wired as humans. The 'keystone habit' principle can be expanded upon immensely, but I will go ahead and recommend that you pick up his book to learn more and how you can really choose your habits. After all, your habits are what your life is ultimately made of.  

A quote that I believe is so relevant to this is what I came across in a book I am currently reading by the legendary basketball coach Phil Jackson called "Eleven Rings." How crazy that this quote presented itself to me the same day I run into this apparent parallel in the gym.

"The way you do anything is the way you do everything." - Tom Waits


I am using this experience to genuinely look in the mirror and audit my actions. The question I'm asking myself is "What am I doing today that is spilling over into less than excellent work or results?" I am challenging myself to make sure I'm not taking the easy way out on personal life choices as well as real estate related items such as market and financial analysis, negotiation, due diligence management, client relations, property prospecting,  asset management,  and of course many more. Perhaps there are several areas I can identify that by making small course corrections on I can take my real estate business and life to the next level. 

When you cut corners on one thing, everything else suffers. It's just the way we're wired as humans! Drop me a comment and let me know what you've noticed you're "taking the elevator" on in your life, business or real estate investments.  What ways can you "take the stairs" and do the right things that will spill over to other good habits? Don't be ashamed - course correction is the key to a successful life! Let's create a community that's open and honest with each other that can have each other's back and watch each other grow for the better. I look forward to hearing from you and connecting soon.