Standing In My Clients' Shoes

In a career such as real estate brokerage, it is essential to serve the clients' best interest at all times. This is so important in an industry that is built on service, trust and relationships. Many times, brokers and agents are presented with opportunities to cut corners and to do things the easy way and potentially still reap nearly the full reward. Personally, I strive to live by the philosophy of the golden rule - "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." In my opinion, this should be the same in business and personal relationships.

One way I am able to operate within this approach is to ask myself the following: if I was the buyer/investor, seller/exchangor, landlord or tenant, what would my expectations be? For example, if I am the owner of an apartment building or other commercial property for sale, I expect my broker to exhaust all marketing avenues to create the highest possible demand, creatively and strategically. I would expect my broker to provide research and background in detail as to why we are offering a certain pricing strategy, and why that is in my best interest. Further, I would expect my broker to negotiate with passion, to communicate with precision, follow up with persistence, and tirelessly overcome objections to ultimately achieve a beneficial sale according to my goals. If I am an investor working with a broker to locate a new retail strip center opportunity for acquisition, I would expect peak performance as well. Since this would be such an important piece of my investment strategy, I would expect my broker to analyze opportunities with precise detail, inquire deeply to learn all the hidden information, and effectively negotiate with passion and principle.

These examples illustrate the dire need to have responsibility for the actions we, as practitioners, must embody to enjoy a long and fruitful career. Treat your client like you would treat yourself. If the deal was your own, would your effort match that of what you are providing to your clients? I strive to always answer this question with a resounding yes. Not only because it is the right thing to do, but in so doing, current clients become clients for life.