Our Mission and Core Values


The Chesser Companies’ philosophy is that freedom, abundance and fulfillment can be achieved through effectively investing in income producing real estate and by seeking constant and never ending improvement. The Chesser Companies delivers lasting results through real estate brokerage services and peak performance coaching based on our clients’ and partners’ true long-term goals. Through determination, trust, intellect, adaptation, market and financial analysis, negotiation, practicality and big-picture audacity, we humbly believe we are the best and most dynamic real estate firm and peak performance company in the business!

The Chesser Companies’ mission is to accelerate the lives of each and every client, partner, vendor, customer and occupant we work with through positive and intelligent influence, strategic analysis, and high-end individualized service, all of which is completely focused on world class results. With a foundation of successful real estate investments and a significant track record of noteworthy commercial real estate investment sales, The Chesser Companies’ ultimate mission is to inspire and equip millions of people to take control of their lives and live a life of freedom, unlimited abundance and fulfillment by envisioning and creating their unique purpose filled life. The Chesser Companies is committed to the highest quality of client advisory service delivered with a balanced sense of care and audacity, friendliness, individual pride, and entrepreneurial spirit.

We dream big and demand our associates to dream dangerously bigger. We are committed to provide our employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Through these ideals, we ultimately transform the lives of everyone we touch.

The Chesser Companies is in business to add world-class value to our clients’ and partners’ real estate portfolios and their professional performance to access a quality of life they never dreamed possible.

Pillars of Our Business:

1.     Commercial Real Estate Investment Sales

2.     Income Producing Real Estate Investment

3.     Peak Performance Coaching for Real Estate Investors

Core Values:

1.     Show Respect and Be Professional at All Times

2.     Always Focus on the Long-Term Relationships

3.     Always Focus on How to Best Add Value in Any Situation

4.     Be Resilient and Anticipate Problems to Occur

5.     Be Resourceful in Adding Value and Identifying Solutions

6.     Never Stop Learning

7.     Always Question Conventional Wisdom

8.     Over communicate.

9.     Take Pride and Extreme Ownership of Your Work

11.   Treat Others the Way You Would Want to Be Treated

12.     Have Fun, Strive For A Fulfilled Life, and Celebrate Along the Way!

“Elevate to a life without limits.”