Best In Class Brokerage

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Who do we Work With?

The Chesser Companies works with individuals, partnerships and other entities all across North America on the marketing, sale and acquisition of income producing real estate including multifamily, retail, office, land and light industrial in Kentucky and Indiana. We are the quarterbacks for our clients who leverage talent, expertise, and assess risk to ensure our clients are successful in the long term.


Clients are the centerpiece of our real estate practice. Our team exists to help you and your partners reach your unique investment goals. Investors seek our world class consultation, negotiation and complete transactional management to ensure success in their acquisition or disposition. Our focus is on real estate as an investment vehicle tailored to obtain many benefits for you.


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Professional Counseling

Some brokers and agents "sell" property. Our approach, rather, is to counsel and determine just what you, the client, needs. Investors choose us to guide them through complex commercial real estate transactions to discover and obtain the many benefits to them. Our mission is to bring "real estate professional counseling," designed to guide clients to a better understanding of their real estate ownership problems and their probable solutions. It is our intention to deliver outstanding results and create client relationships for life.