Ultimately, the challenge of this business is one that requires me to develop skills within myself that also translate into helping my clients become the people they want to become. I am inspired by how the pressure cooker that this business can sometimes be, inevitably allows my clients and partners ultimately become great fathers and mothers. I love what the process of become loving and outstanding husbands, wives, friends, and community philanthropists can mean as a result. I love how it can inspire others to dig deep within themselves to discover their greatest qualities, in their strengths, and to face their most glaring weaknesses and overcome some seemingly insurmountable difficulties. I believe through this process, life has enormous meaning and tremendous excitement. My commercial real estate brokerage practice and real estate investing activities have helped me uncover these hidden treasures in my own life. I am inspired for the message of what this can mean for others, whether I work with them directly or whether I have the blessing of inspiring them in some capacity. This gives my practice massive meaning that is worth going after day in and day out. I am eternally grateful and excited for the possibilities of life as a result of these discoveries.”

- Tyler Chesser